Woke Up, Got out of Bed, Pulled a Comb Across My Head

Well first of all, I notice a Beatles reference having some sort of continuity in my writings (this title and the name of my blog “Oh Blog Di….”).  Secondly, that’s still kind of how I’m feeling about my life, waking up, brushing my hair, ya know the la-di-da kind of get up and kind of just be, do.  Whatever the heck I am going through is sticking and not going away. 

This morning however, I felt strong under current of an understanding that this is all about me finding my way.  That this weird, emotional, sometimes VERY lonely (which I have never experienced before in my life like this) feeling is all about me getting to the root of things, what I really want and then sprouting.  

What I just wrote gives me a feeling of excitement/hope which is what I believe is the big piece of what is missing.  It is not the kind of excitement that is false or comes from someone else but my own inner excitement about life and goals and building/producing.  That’s how I’ve been me all my life but in the last year or so….I have been so focused on just keeping my head above water and getting myself back into position so I can move forward and get back to thinking about new dreams that I lost my umph.

Anyway, on a good note, I love my new neighborhood.  Absoulutely love it and if I wasn’t in such a weird way would really be able to appreciate it.  It’s me and what I’ve been looking for.  I can’t believe how just 12 minutes (literally) from the somewhat dump I have been living at (more the surrounding area that was the dump but nevertheless) that life can be so different. 

Literally within walking distance there’s places like Mickey Spillanes or Pipers Kilt which is totally coiincidental that my Aunt brought me to the one in the Bronx last week (a dump by the way-in my opinion- and that night with my Aunt is a whole other story in itself).  Not to say the Pipers Kilt here or Mickey Spillanes is anything great as I haven’t been there yet but they are definitely a place I can see myself grabbing a hamburger and a cocktail, maybe working on my computer, and hopefully maybe they have bands there too.  

When I saw in my neighborhood there was a Cigar Lounge, a music store and a Yoga Place, a liquor store (that is open on Sundays), some really good pizza shops…and Chinese food that I don’t have to worry about creepy crawlers finding there way into if you know what I mean, I knew I landed in the right area. 

Of course, in the towns surrounding is a whole world of fine dining and living the good life.  The trail to rollerblade or bike on the side of the Bronx River goes for miles and is, what else, right down the block.  I think all this is the town of Tuckahoe bordering Eastchester. 

When I got on Metro North for the first time yesterday in the morning (which is a literally a 4 minute walk from my place-perfect!), it had a great buzz of tons of professionals walking to, getting dropped off, grabbing coffee at the station (not a Starbucks which they do however have at the “Tuckahoe” Station before or after my station depending on whether you are coming or going).  The train is sitting there waiting for you and waiting for the exact turn of the clock hand on the scheduled departure time to close the doors and take you to the city.  Sitting comfortably with my laptop while the conductor punches your ticket on a clean train that gets you to work in 29-37 minutes (depending on which train you take) isn’t a bad way to start off the morning I must say.  I haven’t even begun to explore what this area or surrounding areas have to offer but I think I’ll be here awhile. 

See, and why am I down?  I’ve got so much to be appreciative of but I’m just not feelin’ it….reeeeaaaally feeling it like I usually do.  It’s not that my life is dead either, it’s just no matter where I go or how fun it is, when I’m done, I’m feeling weird.  Could have alot to do with some family issues that have come about and have broken my heart deeply but that is something I do not want to even address as it goes to my core and has toppled me over.

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful day today………………..and a time for appreciation of the things I do have.

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