Happy Days

So, I have been feeling so happy lately and that weird feeling that I had in many of my blogs in the last two months has for the most part disappeared.  Did it really have everything to do with my environment?  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE where I live and my neighborhood……it is soooo me. 

Well now I need to focus and get back on the band thing….have to get it done and open by end of summer…if not sooner….I am getting things set up and have several prospective musicians ready to join the ride…..I need it.  It’s my outlet for not only music but everything else I am passsionate about in life and that’s alot!  I love alot of things…and enjoy alot of things….even if it’s sitting in my backyard, sunbathing and sippin’ a Bud Light (with Lime-was on “special” at the supermarket) while reading a fiction novel?  Something I haven’t done in a while and I love it….Speaking of supermarkets….YES!, a clean, crisp, fresh one that make you want to take out the trendy delicious recipes and entertain with good red wine, music and laughter and of course friends…although I sometimes have all that just by myself.

Anyways, I forgot my point and I’m exhausted, on the way home after stopping for a glass of Shiraz under the Grand Central Terminal indoor sky…..so…..at least I have a post that intercedes from being the immediate focus of my butt in a bathing suit….anyway…..Bronxville is up which means I’m up soon so….see ya…..

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