Laundry (No More) Do Da Day.

Well, before I go into my laundry “sitchiation”, here I am at Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester sitting by the open shutter type window, taking a break from a long day working at home (which by the way I did not even get to see the light of day because work is just sooooo fricking intense and thinking that I would be able to even take an afternoon stroll to the local coffee shop to get a little sunshine, just was not in the stars).

In any event, I just got here a bit ago and I have my computer whipped out on the counter-height four seater table.  While on the phone with my Aunt Susie (who else), a guy walks by….and he’s what I have now become besides myself with the handsome guys in this town…it’s rampant.  I’m serious.  Rampant.  All the dark haired-dark eyed typed that is…my achilles heel – ya know the “opposites attract” thing.  I notice it’s alot of black hair Italian type, yet at the same time – all american looking….What is it about this town?  Maybe because it’s known to be primarily Italian, my sensory pick up has never be in such a specific environment of my type?  I don’t know.

Well enough on the men thing which I find myself saying alot….So, okay, the laundry thing.  Simple and short…they pick up and deliver.  Yep.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  And yep, no, I don’t have a washer and dryer in my abode.  So…not only do they pick up and deliver, they even wash in cold and hang dry for you….Ah, huh! 

Well anyone who knows me will probably say here comes the Prima Donna emerging again and I say to those ignoranomouses….judge yet ye be judged.  To delegate…is the name of the game and… It is also a part of why I get labeled certain ways from certain types of people who just don’t get it.

Which brings me back to gettin’ it.  Men.  LOL.  Kidding.  Or…could it be…a freudian slip?  And why by golly do I talk about men so much…..?   I mean really Robin, get a life….”but I do, I do have one” I says to myself (as I take a sip of my Shiraz and take a quick zip look around the large, oval “Cheers-like” bar at the 35 and up aged-old type men who every 3 or so pops up a handsome one at this early 7pm-ish after work crowd of what seems to be mostly professionals – as opposed to blue collar.  Which is probably why they are here early-on as opposed to wee into the night.  Hmmm?  Another plus for this little town where I now reside).  

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  1. Wow ~ a beautiful blonde, that plays in a band, loves NY & is witty to boot. If your band is a blues band you would be my dream woman.
    I found your blog by mistake and read every bit of it…

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