The Importance Of Beer and the Family Rumble

Here I was on the way to a family party Saturday night sitting in the back seat of a car driven by a friend of a family member who herself is seating in the front passenger seat with another friend in the back with me.  We are crossing over the George Washington Bridge heading toward Palisades Parkway to go somewhere... Continue Reading →

Slump of the Underlying Kind

Not sure what it is, but I feel I keep coming back to a feeling of an underlying slump.  That I am not here nor there.  That against all of the "bloom where your planted" mantras, I don't feel bloomatic.  Rather, I feel like a fallen leaf winter stem of a flower sticking out of a patch of... Continue Reading →

Rock & Roll and Lettin’ It Go.

Freaky?  Weird?  Screwed up?  Did I say weird?  Kind of surreal....and out of the "is this really going down" book of situations.  This was my experience the first part of the night, last night.  Throughout this demeanor, my emotional side, and my "see it for what it is" was all intact and I was able to... Continue Reading →

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