The Importance Of Beer and the Family Rumble

Here I was on the way to a family party Saturday night sitting in the back seat of a car driven by a friend of a family member who herself is seating in the front passenger seat with another friend in the back with me.  We are crossing over the George Washington Bridge heading toward Palisades Parkway to go somewhere in Jersey (close to the Rockland County Borderline) when it was discovered by my family member that her friend, in his quest to have to pick me up before picking her up so that we could save time (I was out of the way a bit) and her telling the two of us two different times that a mix-up occurred and he….forgot the beer.  Well, this was not something this family member wanted to hear and she became a bit upset.  A bit of an argument ensued between the two and I heard the friend say something like he wasn’t going to be drinking anyway. 

Here I was already a bit confused and wondering why they were wanting to bring “beer” to the party to begin with.  In my mind, you bring wine or or a good liquor but “beer”?  Unless it was a beach thing or barbecue…my mind just naturally went to assuming that they must be bringing beer for them to drink?  I thought and then said out loud that I was sure they would have because (and this is where the trouble starts) if you are bringing anything to a party in my social circumstances I guess, you bring a nice bottle of wine or a fine liquor.  Beer seemed a little weird.  So,  I concluded in the mind that the beer must be for them to drink because they do not think there will be beer at the party.  So I say that I’m sure there will be beer at the party and….well…..that statement of mine sent ripples through my family member and she proceeded to go into an hysterical intense yell along with the 180 twist of the neck to look back at me and say how she is not going to the party without bringing beer!  Confused and trying to ease what is obviously stressing her out and I’m still thinking she feels that if she doesn’t bring beer her friends can’t drink.  Trying to ease the stress I say I am not understanding.

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