Here Comes The Gun, Doo Doo Doo Do.

Little did I know that after returning from a weekend trip to upstate New York that I would be coming back no longer in need of a possible botox injection that I may have been thinking of (yes I can be one of those “use what you got (and a little help don’t hurt) to make the best of what you got” type women.  So sue me.  Which brings me back to my point.  I got a trigger back shot smack dab, right between the eyes. My cousin Wendy had taken me to her friend Allan’s house in Hurleyville, NY (outside of Monticello) and when we arrived, the boys started to bring out their toys.

There was the Jeep, the pick-up truck, the 4 wheelers, the cigars and then there was… the Marlin 450 Rifle.  I know this specific information on this rifle because Ron, the owner of Huntington Fine Arms (Lebanon, NJ) was one of those boys with his toys who brought out Mr. Marlin (the rifle).

I must say, although I know nothing about guns, this was a beautiful piece.  I loved that is was all stainless steel and in my admiration of this weapon, I was invited to take a shot.  Of course, I say yes.  How can I turn down such a thing?

So I am guided by Allan (Wendy’s friend) on how to handle and shoot this rifle and who accentuated how very important it was to make sure I have an extreme grip on this rifle holding it tightly against the crevice where my upper arm and shoulder meet.  After several minutes of instruction, I pop a shot…..and a blood vessel, all at the same time.

Basically, I let go a bit on the grip when I shot and the telescope thingy bucked back a bit and hit me where a botox injection would go…right between the eyes.  A little blood, and just enough swelling that gave me a real-time idea of what I may look like if that wrinkle that has been forming since I’ve joined the sisters of the traveling womenhood would suddenly disappear.  “Hmmm. Not bad”, I think to myself.

What else wasn’t bad was I hit the target right on and I mean right dead center on and blew a huge hole in the back board that stood behind the targets (bottles & containers).  It was so cool.  Of course, with the blood and protruding bump, the other girls were a bit hesitant to go next and chose to wait until the next time when the “22’s” (a lighter weapon) were expected to join the toy round-up.  They obviously did not need or feel the need to see a preliminary look on how botox may look on them.

So, with a little headache (but nothing a few (12 was the count?) vodkas couldn’t suppress), the night went on and I had a great time.  I got to know Wendy’s friends better who are a great bunch of people and got to know Wendy better too who I really didn’t know very well since a big chunk of the past years was my living in California.  She is like this energetic person who is always pumping you up in one way or another.  I felt like I had to give my ego a warning as to not get too big with all the compliments and show of support I was getting from her.  It was funny and great at the same time.

I got to see that like me, she is an entreprenuerial spirit and it was so nice to have such similarities in a family member.  I was excited to hear that her store Girard Interiors in Westwood, NJ ( has been very successful for years and is now taking off and “HOT” on a whole other level…..designing the house interiors of major sports players, coaches and the like who have been commissioning her to fly all over the United States to work on their houses.  Her talent and designs have created a non-stop buzz and her phone keeps a ringa-dinga-linga-ing.  Way to go, Wendy!

So, as a few days have gone by and the scab (ewww!) has all but gone, there seems to still be some swelling because I noticed the wrinkle which was on the left side of the center of the eyes is still just not there.  I notice however, the right side one is.  With the high price of getting botoxed these days, looks like I’ll be taking a trip back up to Hurleyville pretty soon and asking for a repeat go-round with Mr. Marlin.  Only this time I will shoot with my left arm so I can get Marlinoxed on my right wrinkle. Lol.

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