Where I’m From

you are where im from

city streets, city upbringing

they came off the boat -ellis island

a workers life to make ends meet – the goal

no dreams…bring home the bacon

hush hush – on anything seemingly indiscrete

by others standards

neighbors – bus drivers, garbage men and officers 

anything will do

just make ends meet, bring home the bacon

sweat it for 20

and stay in the norm

by others standards

we partied at 15

played rock and roll

and knew in our hearts

what they were saying

the music

was  how we should live

but where we were from

said to play it safe

the beat so loud

we drank and cranked and shouted it out in the park

but we stayed low on the rest of the streets

living like we were told

by others standards

many stayed

even when they could go

ending up in the bars on the weekends

after putting in those 20

out of lonliness, depression and suppression

not socialization.

i broke from it early….one of the lucky ones

but i will always know who u are

as i will always be….these are my people

i cannot deny

i broke free but you are me

you are where i am from.

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