The Ever Changin’ Evolvement of Me

Oh, Shitza (and I'm not referring to a river in Hebrew)'s me saying..."oh, shit" (but trying to be lady-like).  Oh, fuckershit (to hell with the lady-like!).   Just had to let it out.....  Oy vey!  Is it hitting me.....?  Do you mean that bottle of really delicious Shiraz/Casteleo red wine from Portugal that you just noticed you... Continue Reading →

Iron Man….Yes You Can

Okay, I'm a little outdated but I visited Circuit City the other day in the city (New York) and they had this great new flat screen tv that played Iron Man hour later (literally) I found myself (between ewws and ahhs and ha-ha's) grabbing my things quickedly as I was now late for a... Continue Reading →

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