Iron Man….Yes You Can

Okay, I’m a little outdated but I visited Circuit City the other day in the city (New York) and they had this great new flat screen tv that played Iron Man and… hour later (literally) I found myself (between ewws and ahhs and ha-ha’s) grabbing my things quickedly as I was now late for a meeting with a friend.  What a great movie, although I did not see the beginning or the end…talk about leaving you wanting more!  Yum!  Downey (Robert, Jr. that is) does such a fabulous job….not an emotion missed or intensity shortened….and the story makes logical sense which is what gets me the most.  So you’ve got a great actor who’s right on…who’s biceps can turn anyone on….and a story plot that is conceptually and logically on.  Double yum-yum.

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