It’s Been A Long Time

Whoa!  A slow whirlwind of time passing by.  Six months since I last blogged in.  Coinciding with the resignation date of my previous job.   You would think with what should have been extra time on my hands I would have more time to blog but it turns out that I first ended up (as originally planned) putting a full focus on my band (ROCK N’ ROBIN) then added in a relationship that started up with my drummer (and the beat is still on – pun intended) then to boot add the economy issues which changed up the timing on finding a new job which took more footwork than originally thought….so blogging just was not on the top of my list.  Nevertheless, I miss it and I’m blogged back in.   Hopefully for a more consistent run this time.  Stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Time

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  1. Hello Sweet Robin,

    I have problems with your phone number – – – text it to me. I miss you. I am looking forward to seeing you 7/18 @ Kim’s daughter’s graduation party.

    Text me your number so I can text you on my new iphone. We all miss you. Shore house in full swing so we are planning on September again. You in? Also, Hurleyville in a week or three.

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