The Old Man and the Sea(t)

Did you ever just have one of those moments that come from nowhere that just brings warmth to your heart and hope to your soul.  While walking around the city today with my laptop in my backpack and my head between my knees (the boo hoo’s of life hitting me these days scenario), I took a break crossing town at the little fountain park that is across from The Plaza on 59th and 5th.  I sat on one of the more fashionable type cement benches that surround this sort of New York City landmark.  As I sat there a few minutes, I noticed an older gentlemen (83 years young I found out later) to the left of me on his cell.  A few minutes into my breather break, he passed by and made a comment about the choice of style I made that day.  I cannot remember exactly what he said but he nailed the look that I threw on that day without thinking but that had inadvertently expressed me to a tee….skinny jeans, t-shirt, blazer, big buckled belt, big earrings, backpack with laptop, front crossover “organized” bag and my…. hiking boots.  Hair in a big fluffy ponytail, light on the makeup but rosy on the lips and cheeks to make sure I have some color to the paler lighter skin I was born to.  If you gave me a little more bell bottom in the jeans, some cowboy boots and a hat, the outfit would have been perfect. 

In any event, I immediately acknowledged his dead-on characterization of my look /expression and we chit-chatted a bit while he eventually took a seat next to me on that bench.  We just talked, a little like Tuesday with Morrie or one of those movies where the old man has wisdom and “gets you” without you saying anything and yet all of it being so innocent and just sweet.  Something I needed desparately and so cool to have experienced. 

Although the conversation lasted only 10 minutes or so….I walked away with feeling kind of  serene and lovely.  Like little sprinkles of reminders from God (is it supposed to be capitalized? dah!???) that everything’s gonna be alright.  I think he may have walked away with something too and that I may have reminded him of his twin daughters both who had died in their 20’s who would probably be my age at this time and maybe I gave something to him when he walked his way and I mine.

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