Flip The Flap Jack

After all these years….and all those moments when I have raced against the paper cover dolup thingy to get my butt to the toilet seat before the auto flush had a chance to flush, sucked in the paper and then pull it down, I have had a flap awakening!  Those times, when one is not at home and too tired to stand, lean over and use the muscle of the quads for however long the bladder deems fit (where talkin’ women here), who have chosen to “take a sit on the seat”  (and where talking toilet bowl city here – and don’t say you never did it!) when  the race between you, your pants or your skirt is up against the bowl of water waiting for the seat cover to topple over just that much so it can take it down….!  The years I’ve spent with the pants falling to the floor while rushing to hold the falling toilet seat cover so I can seat on it sanitarilyst opening my belt before the flap of the cover fell into the toilet with the water weighing it down and pulling it in.  Most times I would lose the race and have to redo and re-race.  Get the butt to the seat before the water pulls the seat cover in  I remember even thinking if I were ever a comedian I would bring this frustration up.  Pants to the knees because you had to rush to hold the cover only to pull them up and recover to have them fall etc. etc.  Now for anyone who knows me, I’m sure I will hear all about my blondeness!  I just realized last week as I was in the stall of a very nice office that had a perfect little toilet covers dispenser which had instructions on how to properly cover the seat, that all these years and pants to the floor that I simply had the paper flap on the wrong side!

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