Love, A Many Splintered Thing

I've heard that in a relationship, as long as you like or get along with the person 51% of the time, it's a good thing.  If it's 49%, you're in trouble and you may want to re-think the relationship.  It's funny what a few percentage points can do. I'm not quite sure I buy into this... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Mojo Antigone Rising

Went to see this band (these girls) an all female band at an intimate show setting in the Bronx at Lehman College a few weeks back.  The first of an original music band series the school is putting together and trying out.  At first, before the band came on, I was kind of feeling I might be getting... Continue Reading →

Miss Da Bellevue Dear?

"If you saw me yesterday, you might have thought you needed to call the White Coats....some younger  generations may not understand what that means but if you do, you are probably from New York City or one of the boroughs or maybe it was a saying around the nation back when I was a kid. I... Continue Reading →

Back Asswards

Well I've returned to my blog with a bit of a zing (not so much of a bang) to update it and hope to get back into the flow of posting blogs often like I used to.  I know I've said it before, but I think I will this time...I can kind of feel it (semi kind... Continue Reading →

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