Back Asswards

Well I’ve returned to my blog with a bit of a zing (not so much of a bang) to update it and hope to get back into the flow of posting blogs often like I used to.  I know I’ve said it before, but I think I will this time…I can kind of feel it (semi kind of feel it).  Ya know, that near the zone but not quite in the zone thing. 

So, in returning to my blog, I notice that I seemingly did not necessarily abandon my blog altogether like I thought I did and there were moments in time in the last several months that I had a momentary mini-bang to write but got so far as the title, alas, this one….Back Asswards.  Now, I notice this “draft” was created sometime in October ’09 and I can’t tell you for sure what was going on but either my life was backwards or I was perturbed at the back asswards way some people do things.  Knowing me, it was probably the later.  Ya know the old adage of it’s you, you, you and not me me me, of course!

So who knows at this point what the heck I was meaning to write back then but I’m just glad that I’m here now.  There’s nothing like having a forum for which to express yourself and I love the writing thing.  So in light of all the “recovery” out there, I can’t say I will never fall off the wagon and not stay continual in my blog, but I will take it one lovely blog at a time.

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