Mrs. Mojo Antigone Rising

Went to see this band (these girls) an all female band at an intimate show setting in the Bronx at Lehman College a few weeks back.  The first of an original music band series the school is putting together and trying out.  At first, before the band came on, I was kind of feeling I might be getting a karaoke style garage band type who is trying to come back and start at this venue.  Their opening act was afterall an all-teacher band from a music school nearby somehow affiliated with the college called The Suspensions (fitting of course). 

Although The Suspensions definitely put in the work (harmonies were tight) with the approximately 5 songs they performed (2 of which were James Taylor/John Denver type originals) they rang true of a more karaoke type style band who, maybe through certain school connections, found or created their band then this opportunity to get Antigone Rising to perform, with the condition they can open for them type of thing.  I only say this after seeing Antigone Rising perform and realizing what a credible band this is and that there must be “more than meets the eye” for them to be having this kind of opening act so to speak. 

A day or two after the show, I perused the AR website to see their show schedule (because I absolutely want to see them again) and felt very fortunate that I was able to see them perform at the price I paid ($12) and at the more personal setting that I did (about 100 people).  They themselves seemed humble playing this type of venue which made me respect them even more.  The songs were fabulous especially the latest ones.  I found myself enjoying them tremendously and the relaxed confidence that exuded from the lead singer (and the rest of the band really) was beautiful.  I noticed this band was not heavy on lights or showiness (for lack of a better word – or even if that is a word).  They didn’t need to be.  The music was that good.  So enjoyable.  The background and harmonies within the songs were smart and right on. 

I look forward to seeing them again.  I think a much wider audience will be hearing about them with their new release (and new lead singer).  I am a fan.

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