Love, A Many Splintered Thing


I’ve heard that in a relationship, as long as you like or get along with the person 51% of the time, it’s a good thing.  If it’s 49%, you’re in trouble and you may want to re-think the relationship.  It’s funny what a few percentage points can do.

I’m not quite sure I buy into this percentage philosophy. In fact, it is quite a dream popper to believe that I can expect to have relationships (whether lover, spouse, family, friends, co-workers et al) that will piss me off 49% of the time!  That’s almost constantly!  Rather often!  Quite consistently!  I guess however, if I really think about it, it is a kind of reality.

Someone once told me they make sure to seek out and focus on the characteristics they like about each person they meet.  As each person will undoubtedly have traits that will bother them one way or another.  That if they don’t put these “bothers” to the side and focus on the good stuff, they will inevitably end up going through people like water runs through fingers.

In any event, I’ve been learning my lesson about “accepting the bad with the good” when it comes to people (and life) over and over again. I realize that I too may only be adored (haha) only 51% of the time (I’m hoping I even make that percentage!).  I too probably don’t live up to others expectations on a regular basis. I can choose to see how fortunate I am to be accepted for my faults of character within my relationships and in order to live sanely and happy, I have to do the same with others.

If of course there is anyone in our lives that one outright disagrees with for instance their morals, values or are treated badly by them, those are the relationships to end, and not put up with.  Otherwise, to learn to “take the bitter with the better” is key.

I realize that along with my own feelings and/or hardships in life, the general bothers/negatives of my relationships pass too and I’m learning to ride them out.  Like the saying, which I don’t recall in it’s original articulate form, but it goes something like…. recognizing the beauty of the rose even with it’s thorns.


#mairperkins (graphic credit)

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