Tim Curtin and Friends Indeed

Well I guess a good way to get my mind off my woes is to talk about something that recently wowed me instead.   This wonderful little rock & roll (with some jazz thrown in) band named Tim Curtin and Friends (www.timcurtinmusic.com) .  What a fabulous surprise it was to see such talent out of a pub last Thursday night. 

The pub, Paddy Doherty’s in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx   (www.myspace.com/paddydohertysalehouse.com) welcomes this band often.  Who said older crowds don’t come out anymore…..they were sure here.  Packed in with the rest of the younger generations that know good music and talent when they see it. 

The musicians were quality from head to toe….they had to be professionals or seasoned session players from what I can tell.   The set list fabulous.  Eric Clapton, Steely Dan and the list went on…The joy of this band was that they pulled in  “friends” from the audience who were of good or great talent themselves.  I couldn’t get over when the (maybe 16 year old) teenage guitarist took over Tim Curtin’s guitar for the rest of a song and a solo and was outstanding….how refreshing this was.  Couldn’t get over the older woman bassist who got right up there and did her thing. 

So many surprises….you didn’t know who would pop up next but whenever anyone did, it was right on.   I hear this band is back at Paddy Dohertys Thursday, 8/5.  I am sure as heck gonna try and make it. 

It was just one of those simple pleasures in life while you eat a burger or quesadilla and watch a free show of fabulous down-to-earth talent.

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