Once Upon a Time in New Jersey…

Delightful is the word I use after seeing this musical comedy down at the Hudson Guild on the West Side of Manhattan off of 26th Street.  Funny, sweet, a touch of rambunctiousness and talented actors.  I was pleasantly surprised at the tight production and the live band that parlayed its way succinctly with each segment and scene.  If you are looking for a broadway-feel-type play without the broadway price, you may want to check this one out. 

The only drawback is the immediate adjoining neighborhood where this theatre is located.  Even though FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) is one block away, it is a little on the hairy-cairy “street” side of things for this one block and can “seem” frightening late at night if you are squemish or not with a group of people.  You may want to park and/or walk in from 9th Avenue which has the entrance pretty much just a few yards in. 

In any event, I will for sure be interested in attending another production of this theatre company (even at this theatre) in the future.  It really was enjoyable.  The play runs through October 31, 2010.  For more info, go to www.prospecttheatre.org .

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