No Detour

Ever want someone
but you had to leave
View from the window
Came down to the street

The hard of the road pave
set in place before the acquaintance
Brought to a road block
with a sign down, fallen to pieces

Dents made deep
when met with resistance
No way through
or ‘round the head, defaulted to seek grievance

Wipers anew
and with a new view
No insect scattered window
blocking the true

And you, oh you
amidst thoughts of biased distraction
Think anything, say anything
to keep logs of posted deflection

Nothing able to disempower
the rabid suspect of bad endeavors
No detour or deflower
could move the faulty wired walking radar

And nothing I could do
could ever make it through to you…

Ever really want someone
but you had to go
View from the street
Take me back to my window

                                                      Robin Rich

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