The Best I Ever Had…

So I head out last night with a girlfriend for a sort of mini girl’s night out .  We agree to make our way to The Bayou in Mt. Vernon, NY ( as our first stop – for a cocktail, some chicken wings (my favorite place for wings – darn good!) and figure the game plan for the rest of the night…….

Alas!  Before we had a chance to leave, a band had a chance to arrive, set up and start to play.  All I can say is, 3 sets later we were still there.  Only this time there were no more chicken wings, just our dancin’ feet rockin’ to the music of The Who with a GREAT Who Tribute Band “Bargain” (

I was always a fan of The Who but more of a general passive type.  Knowing and loving many of the songs when I’d hear them over the years.  Originating from all of my teenage party nights in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx when a group of us would hang out drinking beers or Bacardi (when I had too much I would start calling it “Bikinis” – oy vey.) or Southern Comfort while “Johnny” brought his boom box (they didn’t call it that then) and played the phantom drums with his clenched hands to The Who and AC/DC relentlessly.  Also from the five times I saw “Tommy” (one time at The Ziegfeld in the city – New York, I think I was 12 or so).  Other than that, I was never very pro-active as an adult with The Who music other than the picking of some of my favorites for my band ( like Baba, Pinball, etc.

Well that’s all changed.  I have a new appreciation for The Who, their music, and the creative (sometimes quirky and off the beaten path) wide array of music genres they tapped into or from.  Producing a plethora of surprises and uniqueness that I found quite surprising and interesting once I was able to see/hear them in an entire compilation situation. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity had it not been for this band Bargain, nailing ever nook and cranny, letting me see the real Who, Who, Who.

If you would have asked me earlier in the night if I wanted to sit through 3 sets of The Who, I would have probably passed.  Would have just seemed a bit much.  Ended up, you couldn’t pry me away!  I got a crash course on The Who and I like it, I like it, I like it.

From the Moon driven drummer, to the kickin’ and jumpin’ Pete Townsend, to the bass pockets of Entwistle, and the swingin’ mic double Roger of Daltry (Roger plays Roger), I doubt if there’s a better Tribute Band substitute (that’s not a lie, just the fact. – pun).  I look forward to seeing them again.

I’ll tell ya, to see this caliber of talent, get an instant Who education, lose weight while dancing away, and all without even a cover charge (although they’d be worth every penny)…I’d call that a Bargain, one of the best I ever had…..

By Robin Rich

2 thoughts on “The Best I Ever Had…

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  1. Just blown away by your review, Rockin’ Robin!!

    As a fellow musician/singer/performer, your words are so encouraging to me and appreciated by the band!

    Since I did check out your Rock n Robin Band on You Tube, it is clear that you are, like me, a Rocker at heart. Thrilled to bring Roger Daltrey to someone like you. As far as fans of Bargain, whenever you might be in the audience…I’m Gonna Tune Right in On You!

    Have to get out to see your band, so keep me posted of the upcoming gigs!!

    Roger D

  2. Great review! I feel the same way about The Who, love certain songs but never quite got into them the way I have other classic rock bands. I hope these guys are playing somewhere next time I’m in New York, you’ve done well with making me want to experience them, too! And I love how you tied in the title in the conclusion of this review, t’was perfect!

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