The Floor

I’m heading for the floor, but I’m not dancing
Lookin’ at the ground
it’s bare, it’s cold
It’s inviting

The key to the dark room
unlocked then seen
Light hit the pixels
the pixels spilled the beans

I have to lay here for a moment
find my way to a dream
Where truth can hide
in my painted make-believe
Where things are as I make them
and all is what seems
And clouds go by the wayside
while sunlight glares and gleams

For just a little while
for just a small moment in time
I will just lay here, fall asleep
break from this tide
Where I don’t have to feel
what I would have to see
If I had to get back up
and stand on my feet.

I don’t want to remember
what I already saw
I don’t want to recall the pixels, the beans
or the unlocked door

I’ll take the floor
before it takes me to my knees
I’ll take the floor
to breathe the sunshine and the trees
I’ll take the floor
to break the pain of secret deeds
I’ll take the floor
curbside, the broken street of dreams

(c) 2012 Robin Rich

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