Somewhere Over the Pain Beau…

No chance.  No more dance.  I refrain.  No more pain.  No more lies.  Or disguise.  Betrayal.  Projection.  Deceit.  Defied. Deflected rage.  Injected blame.  Not my cross to bare or price to pay.  No rescue or enable.  Objectify. Narcissistically inclined and disabled. 

The Alternative Escape. Starring the real Superman with a narcissism cape.  Fly.  Next move. Don’t have to step-up and step to. Entitled to take and do whatever wants to. Pay dues. Only fools. Need not earn anything. Too Special to have to.  Rather be served, seen for the servings.  Only what counts is of his feelings. Take.  Suck dry. “Entitlement is mine”.  Empathy outside of thyself resigned. Done with a smile. A roar most other times.  Don’t care if a person’s legs are impaired. Get up off MY chair. I want to sit, put my feet up be served and watch Cher. Crawl if you have to, I don’t care. Heart of steel.  Yet loads of loads of self sympathy.  Set on extra high anytime anyone speaks.

Stand-up, step-up. Why.  Superman syndrome.  Road gets tough.  Fly, fly, fly.  Telephone booth. First stop. Out of the booth, high, high, high.  Landing. Smooth. Not so as it goes.  Yet get in place the expected rescue.  Entitled to. Entitled to. Don’t dare not, or be played and blamed for making the hurting so. Bare everything and anything will only do.  Sit in and prevent what was created. Any repercussion will be manipulated. You will have to take it. Or you will have to pay.  How can you do that to sweet little old him. 

Pave his way.  He’ll sit there and wait.  You climb that mountain while his sunbathes in a Scarface trait .  Hardship is not his to bare. Take the cross he bared and make bare.  Do it for him as he gathers the takes.  NO?  Payday will be yours.  I dare you make me bare my choice.

Take away.  That which he inflicted.  It means nothing if you feel the stab or burn of his contrition.  Only don’t you dare do something about, or not stop any repercussion about to sprout.  He’ll sit there while you struggle.  On his behalf.  Expected. Entitled. You take on my suffer. If you don’t or go and protect yourself.  Thereby explosion and god help. How dare you self-help. Take everything shelled out and sit there and bare it. Pick up his pieces. Any one in his path.  Don’t otherwise dare it. If you don’t or leave he will find other ways to not deal with it.  Implode or explode then find the telephone booth or run rampant with rage, blame and spite you in depth. Will make-up and believe the lies he tells himself.  Will fathom you’ve crossed him by whomever didn’t bare it and feel crossed when he had to stand up and man up to it.  He will believe YOU deceived him and not HIM to you.  He will lie to himself and see how it needs to be seen.  To continue the madness of his victimry.  Keeps a journal in hia head of all the people who have done him like this.  This has been his life story. Repeated again and again. As he has done so since his teens and twenties.

Cannot perceive the pain in others. Swiftly discount any feelings of you and yours.  Can not humble to account that anyone should leave him. He’s Superman for goodness sakes. This is his belief system. She had no right but to sit there in quiet. Do as I say, serve. Not leave and move on from it. How could she have done this to me. I only expected quiet and servancy. She should have been there and took it no matter how wrong. Because, because, because, because, because….because I was born with entitlement horns.

Her sentence is over.  Innocently jailed.  Set free by reality PNA.  Personality Narcissistic Apathy. He can keep the insanity.  Had chances to get the help. Chose to deny and tred lightly. She is now free from him.  Will remain to be. Still the same with the nasty payback mentality. Why’d she go? He doesn’t know. Proof of the oblivion show.  Oblivious to anyone but thyself.  Solutions readily available but always put on the shelf.  Why should anything be differently. Superman is super in fantasy land. No vioilin’s for the easy road chose ending in self-deficate.  Clean your own crap and the crap smeared on others.  Friends we could never be when you still have those sides unrecovered.  You’ve been the hurtful one no matter how opposite you believe.  You’re the terror of your era’s.  Manipulative master twister psycopathic tendencies.   Terrorizer. Personhood minimizer. Nasty person outburst mizer.  Get by with the brilliant skill lies your whole life and cries of thy own sympathy.  Goodbye’d to the disguised chavenistic ways.  These tears dried.  Could have created the Grand Canyon three times.  Crushed to pieces and kicked them into the sea.  I’m free of the hell and the despair of your nasty cold vengeancees. Reckless self-serving do me ways. Nothing’s changed proved by the intermittent nasty blaming messages. 

Nothing can be clearer of why Nothing came of this.  Manipulative charm hid from the streets.   Time could not withhold truth or keep-up the manipulative mastery.  “Ain’t” and “Dang” don’t do my vocabulary.  Nor does slut, fucking bitch whore or liar cause attraction to thee. Jerry Springer might do you well. He can set you up with Trailer Trite Barbie. Or maybe Dorothy from the Wizard of Sleeze who looses her teeth at 33 because she bar fights with you and has her own Cape that sets her free from a life’s responsibilities and decent respecting character ways.  

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