Bloggin On

Today is Saturday and I am loving this time of year, as always. I love that it gets dark early and I love that it's chilly. I love the spirit that comes with the chill. The spirit of coziness, cuddling, kisses and get-togethers. That the apple-cinnamon aroma that comes from my candle is now appreciated... Continue Reading →

Getting Back Into The Blog Of Things

Okay, I finally feel like I am getting a little bit of a grip on my life and hope to be getting into this blog thing more seriously and frequently. I have been really scattered and have not felt like I have had my wits about me for many months now. I feel now though,... Continue Reading →

The Big D

Oh yes, it is The Big D. Could stand for The Big Day, The Big D*#K, or like it was meant...The Big Divorce but any of these will do, especially maybe The Big D*#k. Today was the first court hearing day of my divorce and it all feels like a blog, I mean a blur.... Continue Reading →

My Virgin Blog

Here's to, my first blog! My original title for my space was "Making Vows That Just Didn't Turn Out Right. Ooh Yeah, Ooh Ooh Yeah" from the Led Zepplin song titled "Rock and Roll". At the time (yesterday), I guess I was still seeing myself as a newly separated woman in the throws of divorce... Continue Reading →

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