By Way Of Mobile

This is great. Being able to type a blog from my cell phone, pressing a button and shizam, it's posted. Love it!


Did I?

Did I? No. You see, I really now understand that I have a HUGE problem. No. I didn't get my paperwork done as is expressed in the following blog. Can you believe it? This is a problem I am having for the past year. What's up with that? I mean it's huge. A huge problem.... Continue Reading →

Sittin’ The Ass Down

Okay, hell or high water, sunshine or not, I'm gonna sit my ass down and get my paperwork in order today. Once and for all........I've been procrastinating and getting distracted from it. Like I have an addiction to do anything that takes me from it, anything fun, outdoors, outside, with people, friends, fun. What the... Continue Reading →

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