The Ever Changin’ Evolvement of Me

Oh, Shitza (and I'm not referring to a river in Hebrew)'s me saying..."oh, shit" (but trying to be lady-like).  Oh, fuckershit (to hell with the lady-like!).   Just had to let it out.....  Oy vey!  Is it hitting me.....?  Do you mean that bottle of really delicious Shiraz/Casteleo red wine from Portugal that you just noticed you... Continue Reading →

Hell Yeah!'s done.  I nailed the drummer.  In this case, nailing the drummer meaning his acceptance in joining the band.  Which is what went down last night (Saturday Night). Since the moment I saw this drummer play, he sent every cell in my body stir crazy.  A powerhouse.  When he showed an interest in my band... Continue Reading →

Les Miserables

I am seriously miserable.  I don't know what is wrong.  I am completely lost and have no idea what my life is doing.  I am neither here nor there and I am just moving along.  I don't like this.  I really hate it.  I can't seem to kick it outside the distractions of life.    Unhappy. ... Continue Reading →

Never Been More True

It's never been more true for me than it is right now. Building toward your dreams, no matter the obstacles, no matter the failures in between. Those failures are just stepping stones to success, if you don't let them keep you down.

Another One Bites The Dust

Another one bites the dust. In this case biting the dust has a positive conotation. I bit off another piece of my dream. I am officially in a rock and roll band and I am the featured singer. This is just another notch on my belief that if you build it, it will come. No... Continue Reading →

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