Miss Da Bellevue Dear?

"If you saw me yesterday, you might have thought you needed to call the White Coats....some younger  generations may not understand what that means but if you do, you are probably from New York City or one of the boroughs or maybe it was a saying around the nation back when I was a kid. I... Continue Reading →

Hell Yeah!

        Well...it's done.  I nailed the drummer.  In this case, nailing the drummer meaning his acceptance in joining the band.  Which is what went down last night (Saturday Night). Since the moment I saw this drummer play, he sent every cell in my body stir crazy.  A powerhouse.  When he showed an interest in my band... Continue Reading →

Pole in the “Hoe”

Okay, I think I'm back.  Back on track.  Back in the saddle and smack dab back in the sack.  Hmmm?  Well not really back in the sack....at least not just yet.  Which is probably a part of my problem to begin with.  Anyways, I was thinkin', I may be one of only a few girls/women in Westchester (who... Continue Reading →

Hard Day

Today is a hard, scary day.  I don't have the same hootspa I used to have.  The hootspa that I would kick fear to the side with a big karate kick and move forward.  Today I cannot seem to kick it and I am afraid of alot of things.  Yesterday I wasn't.  The day before I... Continue Reading →

Into the Weeeee Hours

It is those weeeee hours of the night that fiddle with your already filled-up mind adding to it second guesses and that worry of what is to come. It is at these times that exaggerating thinking and the what-ifs start infiltrating what was of no doubt before. It is also those same thoughts that upon... Continue Reading →

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