Shooting Star

Hey you....shooting are, you are....don't you know.  Snow goes.  Drives slow.  Meets the river reaper.  Your time.  End or Shine.

Head Game

I played golf this weekend in Scarsdale with a few of the "Golf Chicks of Westchester" at the Saxon Woods Golf Course and I never played so awful.  I was sooooooo ADHD today.  Scattered in the midst of a most beautiful day which is supposed to be relaxing and calming.  Not with me though.  Wasn't until after about the 7th... Continue Reading →

Hold ’em Texas

Okay, I'm hooked on the poker tv thing. I don't know what happened as I have passed the channel tons of times and never had an inkling to want to sit and watch. I guess I never understood what was going on so it didn't grab my attention. Well, for some reason, the other night,... Continue Reading →

Bla Bla Blog

Trying to get a grip on this blog thing and my life. Too much on the table to juggle and I think, by the nature of it all (having turned 40 this year), am just slowin' down and all the balls that I toss in the air, come down faster or rather are coming down... Continue Reading →

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