Mourning Has Broken…

I miss him I do.  I hate him too.  I miss the fantasy of the good in him.  I was fooled and am still a fool.  Anger is mine, every time I can see.  My heart is the real culprit.  It's easier to hate than to feel.  The craziness.  The mess. Why I put up with the stress?  Something within me. ... Continue Reading →

The Hallway

I've been meaning to write but have had such a plethora of emotion lately, I didn't know where to start.  So many goodbyes life brings about, along with anticipations and doubts of new hellos that sometime play "fear the reaper" I think, without us even realizing it.  Fearing new hellos, or fearing there won't ever be a new hello.  I guess, I... Continue Reading →

The Walk and Talk of It All.

I just got on the express bus into the city on my way to work, took a seat and popped out the laptop.  I realize this is the last Friday that I will be taking this bus, this route....from the place where I have lived for the last 10 months (after relocating back from California).  Another switch.  Another change. ... Continue Reading →

Over Easy

Darn I'm sad and damn, I suck at over. More importantly, I am the one who feels rejected/dejected/dissed/tossed/thrown to the dogs, ya know....ego de-boosting things.  I didn't even want it anymore!  Or did I ever really?  Or, am I just being a spoiled ego driven brat who didn't get what she wanted the way she wanted and pissed because... Continue Reading →

Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Say Goodbye to Hollywood,Say Goodbye My Baaaby.Say Goodbye to Hollywood,Say Goodbye My Baaaaayby.Life changes everfast. Everquick. Like that (snap!). Cali. Behind me? Hollywood, no more???

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