I don't know what's come over me I feel like he's free Finally free If it's true God, is it true? I don't know what to believe, for sure. I'm just thinking that he's alive and been starting pure and held a stand for self dignity. I wish I could have been with him and... Continue Reading →

Happy Days

So, I have been feeling so happy lately and that weird feeling that I had in many of my blogs in the last two months has for the most part disappeared.  Did it really have everything to do with my environment?  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE where I live and my neighborhood......it... Continue Reading →


Arriving at a place in your life when what comeths and what goeths doesn't take from what you goteth.

Hangin’ Out With Cal King

It's Friday night. Call me crazy but I'm hanging out in my bedroom, something that I haven't done in a very long time, just hang out. I've got stuff sprawled on my bed while my 50" HDTV is watching "Mad Money". Oh that Cramer.....! He's pretty cool. I'm sipping on French Vanilla Intent'l Coffee while... Continue Reading →

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