I don't know what's come over me I feel like he's free Finally free If it's true God, is it true? I don't know what to believe, for sure. I'm just thinking that he's alive and been starting pure and held a stand for self dignity. I wish I could have been with him and... Continue Reading →

This Too Shall….

Today I am hurting very much.  I am solemnly experiencing all sorts of feelings but mostly fear and extreme sadness and hurt.  I am keeping with the idea to let go and accept life as it has played out and trust that all is for a reason and that life will take me where I... Continue Reading →

To Be Or Not To

What a wonderfully perfect day today was. Because I let go and let be it all just went and ended up going the way I always wanted something to go like and for me, there were parts out of a story book that happened.....because I just let it be what is was and didn't try... Continue Reading →

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