I always worry about you.  Do you know that?  No. I'm sure not.  You've no idea.  No idea the love that I felt for you or the wish that things could have gone differently.  But I'm happy.  Though I long for you sometimes.  I think, just because.  But it's an illusion...of who I thought i... Continue Reading →

Pole in the “Hoe”

Okay, I think I'm back.  Back on track.  Back in the saddle and smack dab back in the sack.  Hmmm?  Well not really back in the sack....at least not just yet.  Which is probably a part of my problem to begin with.  Anyways, I was thinkin', I may be one of only a few girls/women in Westchester (who... Continue Reading →

The Walk and Talk of It All.

I just got on the express bus into the city on my way to work, took a seat and popped out the laptop.  I realize this is the last Friday that I will be taking this bus, this route....from the place where I have lived for the last 10 months (after relocating back from California).  Another switch.  Another change. ... Continue Reading →

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