Hell Yeah!

        Well...it's done.  I nailed the drummer.  In this case, nailing the drummer meaning his acceptance in joining the band.  Which is what went down last night (Saturday Night). Since the moment I saw this drummer play, he sent every cell in my body stir crazy.  A powerhouse.  When he showed an interest in my band... Continue Reading →

Put Another Dime In The Jukebox Baaaaby!

I LOVE Rock & Roll!  My band changed some musicians and turned Rock.  The new musicians genre of experience is Rock & Roll and I couldn't be more happier.  Before this, we had started with the Blues and it just wasn't my "thang".  My passion lies with music that gets you up, either dancing or stomping your feet or gets you... Continue Reading →

Love My Band

It never fails that I have the most fun when I am jammin' with what I consider two very special people in my life- my two band members Triple T (TTT) and Mr. J Rock. We just have a chemistry and a bond that cannot be explained. In any event, even though I am thousands... Continue Reading →

We did it!

We did it! Our first gig! We rocked the house! I feel "official" and it feels great. I feel most great that I did not let the comments about my voice needing some work (which it did I admit) by some visitors at one of our practice sessions stop me from getting up there and getting... Continue Reading →

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