The Lost Coat

Today I feel anew.  New start.  New beginnings.  The weather, with the spring/summer season finally arriving, probably plays a part in catapulting this feeling.  Putting away the cumbersome coats of winter for a lighter fair of willowing summer clothes. A sort of metaphor that once played out in my life... About a favorite coat I had once. ... Continue Reading →

Clean Sweep

There is a huge transformation going on in my life that I see now has been developing over this past year that I am able to recognize with a real sense of clarity. It is truly amazing what seems to be a metamorphosis within myself and my surroundings. There is and has been almost a... Continue Reading →

Sagittarius Today

SagittariusNovember 22 - December 20Some pretty heavy soul-searching could reveal to you that the time has come to make use of a talent which you may have always had but never developed. This could involve nothing more than a little practice, or you could decide to go in for some formal training in the matter.... Continue Reading →

Bloggin On

Today is Saturday and I am loving this time of year, as always. I love that it gets dark early and I love that it's chilly. I love the spirit that comes with the chill. The spirit of coziness, cuddling, kisses and get-togethers. That the apple-cinnamon aroma that comes from my candle is now appreciated... Continue Reading →

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