Laundry (No More) Do Da Day.

Well, before I go into my laundry "sitchiation", here I am at Mickey Spillane's in Eastchester sitting by the open shutter type window, taking a break from a long day working at home (which by the way I did not even get to see the light of day because work is just sooooo fricking intense and... Continue Reading →

The Gift Conspiracy of Love

Well it is turning out to be a great day here in New York City.  I'm not sure if anybody else feels that way, but for me it's a great day.  I feel exuberant and contented in my life even if it is not "exactly" where I want it to be but nevertheless I am... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, New York

A wonderfully rainy day we have woken up to today.  The kind of day you wake up refreshed, put a nice comfy sweater on and get the indoor things done.   In my case, indoor being my office on the 17th floor smack dab in the middle of and with a view of 42nd Street.  I could... Continue Reading →

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