Tim Curtin and Friends Indeed

Well I guess a good way to get my mind off my woes is to talk about something that recently wowed me instead.   This wonderful little rock & roll (with some jazz thrown in) band named Tim Curtin and Friends (www.timcurtinmusic.com) .  What a fabulous surprise it was to see such talent out of a... Continue Reading →

The Walk and Talk of It All.

I just got on the express bus into the city on my way to work, took a seat and popped out the laptop.  I realize this is the last Friday that I will be taking this bus, this route....from the place where I have lived for the last 10 months (after relocating back from California).  Another switch.  Another change. ... Continue Reading →

Zippity Zoo Da

  I had a chance to be a kid again with some friends at the Bronx Zoo's night light show last night.  We baked marshmallows, rode the Carousel and snuck off the beaten path with flashlight in hand to visit the Birds of Prey.  The big white owl and the vulture scarred the heck out of... Continue Reading →

Aint No McGraw

So, I'm here at the An Beal Bocht in the Bronx on a late Friday afternoon and it is quite happening. A great buzz of conversation and mix of people. Kind of like professors (from Manhattan College), older students (24 is the age limit allowed here), workmen, computer geeks (like me) and the neighborhooders. An... Continue Reading →


I'm in heaven. I'm finding my little niches in NY. My little "regular" spots. As much as I am a spontaneous girl, I've come to realize I am also a girl who likes a sense of neighborhood or continuity. Go figure. For instance, you've got the cafe An Beal Bocht in the North Bronx (pictured... Continue Reading →

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