Men As Dessert

Is he a piece of chocolate cake, a slice of apple pie, a delicately slithered pecan pie-warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream or is he a specialized Tiramasu dripping with espresso and cream served with a HOT cappuccino mixed with Frangelica and Baileys topped with a whip cream chaser? Remember girls, men are just dessert........and I myself favor the Tiramasu.

Hot Sweat

There are some hotties at the gym. To include my trainer (who is waaaayyyyy too young). That's all I'm sayin'. Other than it's motivating the shit out of me.

Bloggin On

Today is Saturday and I am loving this time of year, as always. I love that it gets dark early and I love that it's chilly. I love the spirit that comes with the chill. The spirit of coziness, cuddling, kisses and get-togethers. That the apple-cinnamon aroma that comes from my candle is now appreciated... Continue Reading →

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