Life Boat O’ Blues and Yonder

Awoke Saturday and for no apparent reason (that I am conscious of) with a lack of passion, feelings of loneliness, doubtful and overwhelmed.  The feeling of what the heck are we all here for and what's the "purpose".  What's my purpose?  Couldn't kick it.  I guess this is called the "being powerless over what feelings... Continue Reading →

The Enquirer

I've got a person in my life who is like a bad tabloid magazine. Takes part of a truth and spins the crap out of it. Like the marketing dept of the tabloid, they twist, heighten and add-in what will best sell the magazine. In my case, "he" twists, heightens and adds-in to distract from... Continue Reading →

A Tisket, A Casket

Costco is now selling Caskets! I'm floored! Something about that is quite funny to me. Southern California Costco's are the first to make these purchases available. The entire casket is not on display rather about a 1/4 of the piece of each style is. Not available for immediate pick up though. You must special order.... Continue Reading →

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