Where’s the Rainbow

I feel I have lost my trust with God and it is not good.  Yes, maybe I am tired and emotional from the long weekend and the sun but I can't deny feeling very disappointed and extraordinarily hurt and broken-hearted by many things and many people in my life.  More importantly I am exhausted from always having to be... Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Sun…

What a beautiful perfect weather weekend it was.  You couldn't ask for it to be better.  Not too hot, yet perfect to throw on your suit and head for the beach, relax...listen to music and just let go of any junk renting space in your head.  Bathing suits, sippin' martinis, beach, beer, 3 bands....barbecue and...boys (a couple of... Continue Reading →

Pole in the “Hoe”

Okay, I think I'm back.  Back on track.  Back in the saddle and smack dab back in the sack.  Hmmm?  Well not really back in the sack....at least not just yet.  Which is probably a part of my problem to begin with.  Anyways, I was thinkin', I may be one of only a few girls/women in Westchester (who... Continue Reading →

A Little Cheese with that Whine?

Okay, so my last blog was a little long and a little whiney.  Although true to how I was feeling then, and if I am to have a little extra cheese for a slight more whine, a bit of how I am sporadically feeling now.  Although I see the light a little brighter now!  Halle-hecka-luyah!... Continue Reading →

Les Miserables

I am seriously miserable.  I don't know what is wrong.  I am completely lost and have no idea what my life is doing.  I am neither here nor there and I am just moving along.  I don't like this.  I really hate it.  I can't seem to kick it outside the distractions of life.    Unhappy. ... Continue Reading →

The Walk and Talk of It All.

I just got on the express bus into the city on my way to work, took a seat and popped out the laptop.  I realize this is the last Friday that I will be taking this bus, this route....from the place where I have lived for the last 10 months (after relocating back from California).  Another switch.  Another change. ... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, World

A lovely day it is here in New York City.  FINALLY, the spring has arrived and looks like it's staying.  The weather has been so up and down but..............it's Friday and beeeeeuatiful and looks like the rest of the weekend is floating that way too.  Thank goodness because I don't know if I could have... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back

Oh, how I missed thee my little expression box of blog-o-licious.  My lil' 'ol outlet.  The place where I go when I need to let it out, let it go, let it be or let's get it on....The place where I express the pleasures or unpleasantries of life as it flows in my boat.  Workin' it (life) the best... Continue Reading →

Hard Day’s Day

The last two days have been extremely hard.  The kind of days that everything to do with your achilles heel (weak points/most vulnerable points/what gets ya) is coming at you at once from all angles and you just got to do your best to keep your wits about you.  Sometimes your wits are not strong enough and you get... Continue Reading →

Love at Frostbite

What a morning in New York.  If you walk for too long you might find your fingers falling off.  It's a cold but sunny day.  Did I mention cold?  Grammy's were great last night.  I was very much touched by Kanye West's song to his mother who just recently passed away.  The lyrics were emotionally brilliant,... Continue Reading →

Over Easy

Darn I'm sad and damn, I suck at over. More importantly, I am the one who feels rejected/dejected/dissed/tossed/thrown to the dogs, ya know....ego de-boosting things.  I didn't even want it anymore!  Or did I ever really?  Or, am I just being a spoiled ego driven brat who didn't get what she wanted the way she wanted and pissed because... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, New York

A wonderfully rainy day we have woken up to today.  The kind of day you wake up refreshed, put a nice comfy sweater on and get the indoor things done.   In my case, indoor being my office on the 17th floor smack dab in the middle of and with a view of 42nd Street.  I could... Continue Reading →

Much In Crush

I just turned on the new season of Scott Baio's reality show "Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant" and I am floored.  What a guy.  What a show.  Did I say, what a guy?  I am seriously in-crush.  Yes, I know, it is so immature but what the heck.  I want Scott Baio. 

Men As Dessert

Is he a piece of chocolate cake, a slice of apple pie, a delicately slithered pecan pie-warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream or is he a specialized Tiramasu dripping with espresso and cream served with a HOT cappuccino mixed with Frangelica and Baileys topped with a whip cream chaser? Remember girls, men are just dessert........and I myself favor the Tiramasu.


Arriving at a place in your life when what comeths and what goeths doesn't take from what you goteth.


That feeling you have for someone or get from someone who you know deeply feel contempt for you or you for them.  Anybody in your life like that?  Well, I know a few who have it for me and it isn't purty (a.k.a. pretty).  I can not be bothered with people like that, either way.

Put Another Dime In The Jukebox Baaaaby!

I LOVE Rock & Roll!  My band changed some musicians and turned Rock.  The new musicians genre of experience is Rock & Roll and I couldn't be more happier.  Before this, we had started with the Blues and it just wasn't my "thang".  My passion lies with music that gets you up, either dancing or stomping your feet or gets you... Continue Reading →


Last week was a whirlwind.  California, Seattle, meetings, parties etc.  Coming home to a snow storm (kind of) and then gambling last night for a few hours at the local casino.  Yes, they have a casino about 5 miles from the Bronx.  Go figure.  Woke up with having to make some Dr. appointments with my cold now in my chest,... Continue Reading →

Blown Off and Babbling

Well, I think I've been blown off.  I say "think" because unlike Sex and the City where Carrie at least got a post-it note from the guy who dumped her, this one I guess didn't have the testicles to even do that (and we were only friends!).  This makes sense (the way he chose to blow me off) since... Continue Reading →

Freak Out

Woke up in the middle of the night from reaaaaaallly freaky nightmares.  Really freaky to where I was very frightened and had to force myself to think of good things to get myself to sleep.  It was scary.  I'm not sure where this came from other than the Mexican food the night before, the coffee,... Continue Reading →

En Route

At 2pm today, I realized I had to get to Cali tonight to make all that had to happen happen by Monday.  So.....I am impressed how I am actually sitting here at the airport bar sipping a double Cape Cod with plenty of time (about 2o minutes before we depart).  Smooooooooooooth as silk.  Got my... Continue Reading →

As the Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

Her long awaited trip postponed.  Days away from him on hold.  Comfortably lying on the shag, she lit the fire.  Running her fingers through her hair, she hesitated.  Then threw it in.  The box.  The box of desire.  The box which reaked of his smell, his touch, his kiss.  No longer to her avail, it had to be done.  She had... Continue Reading →

Zippity Zoo Da

  I had a chance to be a kid again with some friends at the Bronx Zoo's night light show last night.  We baked marshmallows, rode the Carousel and snuck off the beaten path with flashlight in hand to visit the Birds of Prey.  The big white owl and the vulture scarred the heck out of... Continue Reading →

Undercover Therapy

What I love about my family, as crazy as we all are at times, is that we are very close.  How cool is it that I get to my mother's house last night after a day in Manhattan.  My brother is in the bedroom watching tv sitting on the bed working on his laptop.  I ask him if it... Continue Reading →

New York Daily News Amuse

The Daily News in New York comes up with the most clever front page headlines.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I was riding on the subway and a guy across the way was reading the paper.  The headline had Paul McCartney on the cover "caught" while walking on the beach with a... Continue Reading →

Lul of the Air

There are those Sundays that lay with a lul in the air that feels lonesome .  Today was like that.  At least for me.  It is especially apparent, this lul, with the winter days that are starting to show up here in New York.  As beautiful as New York is during the fall, and it is quite... Continue Reading →

82nd & 2nd

Well an interesting Saturday night.  First, I realize as I am about to get on the Throgs Neck Bridge heading over to The Bay Club in Bayside, Queens to pick up my friend Nancy for her birthday celebration that I have no cash for the toll booth.  Luckily I realize this in time enough to catch the "last exit... Continue Reading →

As The Borough Turns… (an ongoing saga).

As the drama takes a turn, his strong luscious kiss no longer play a part in her story.  She takes out her compact mirror, dabs on a little lipstick, puts on her sunglasses to meet the sun outside the office to hail a cab.  Her briefcase heavy and her datebook starting to refuel.  It wasn't like her to fall for a such a ding dong....

Cha Ching

I am not quite sure what it is but I have a family who has such a drive to go to the casino that opened up in Yonkers this past year.  With the exemption of my brother, me and my sister, the rest of them to include my cousins and aunt(s) are like bees circling... Continue Reading →

Head Game

I played golf this weekend in Scarsdale with a few of the "Golf Chicks of Westchester" at the Saxon Woods Golf Course and I never played so awful.  I was sooooooo ADHD today.  Scattered in the midst of a most beautiful day which is supposed to be relaxing and calming.  Not with me though.  Wasn't until after about the 7th... Continue Reading →

The Next Sand Box

I was once told by a woman who I highly respected regarding men.  She said, "if the boy in the sandbox is not making you happy, move on to the next sandbox.  To have fun.  To play.  When playing with that boy doesn't seem to meet what you need or what makes you happy, no need for whining... Continue Reading →

Perfect Evening

To me, my evening last night was the perfect evening.  I say this because since my arrival in the Bronx, evenings out have been more on the late side into the wee hours which then infiltrate on the normal process of the next day.  Sort of the hours I kept when I was a teenager... Continue Reading →

Okay, I’m Better.

Okay, I'm better.  Of course I am.  It's that "get through the day and get a good nights sleep and you'll wake up on the right side of the bed this time" kind of thing.  Ya think?  Well if anything, going through these anxiety things seems to get me closer to an understanding of what... Continue Reading →

Hard Day

Today is a hard, scary day.  I don't have the same hootspa I used to have.  The hootspa that I would kick fear to the side with a big karate kick and move forward.  Today I cannot seem to kick it and I am afraid of alot of things.  Yesterday I wasn't.  The day before I... Continue Reading →

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