The Clutter and the Debt

As heard on the Suze Ormond show today; “clutter” she says, “equals debt” a.k.a. a lack of respect for money. Her theory is, we use our valuable time to work, to make money, to buy things. If we treat our things in a tossed kind of way without value or respect (sort of like the way my ex treated me! LOL) then we do not respect money and that people who do not respect money usually have debt. Finding someone with messy rooms, houses, cars equals finding someone who has debt. As for my ex, he didn’t have debt but boy, he sure was a dip!!! (More LOL)
This makes complete sense to me (yes, the fact that my ex was a dip) but also, that being respectful and taken care of “things” means a respect for taking care of the money that buys you those things. You see, my ex, though he was neat, and as would be predicted from the info in this blog, did not have any debt. He did however, hide his clutter and hid it behind the scenes….away from the public eye… just like he hid his mental illnesses!!! Notice the word illness being plural! As was my ex’s brain, his closets and boxes were filled with a bunch of crap! He packed it in just like he packed in any sign of intelligence. Yikes! I’m on a roll… LOL. His closets were full of hats which he would wear when he had his head up his ass (which was most of the time!). SOMEBODY STOP ME……!!!!
Okay, back to the present. The ass is behind me. I mean…the past is behind me. Guess I vented a bit there! Okay, really. Back to our serious subject of how clutter equals debt.
For example, my 17 1/2 year old daughter is extraordinarily sloppy and her car and her room should belong to the Treasury of Mountainous Clothes and Miscellaneous FuFu. Even though she is a hard worker and works constantly and consistently, I could see how she does not respect money. She’s loose with it, and very “la di da”. Just like I was, if I were to be so bold as to confess such a truth. This I believe, in my daughter’s case, is because money comes very easy for her.
I brought her up to have a work ethic whereas her Dad and Stepmom believed in supplying her with pretty much whatever she wanted without earning it. Not to say either is right or either is wrong, but I do think that she always held on to knowing she could run to her Dad and he would toss her pretty much how many twenties she would need, so to speak. As for me growing up, the opposite was true. We had no money growing up which I think caused me to ignore money when I was younger, in fear of losing it. Now we can get into that but isn’t it getting just a little too psychological???
Overall, I can see how clutter and debt go together. It makes sense (pun intended). And as it goes, I too was a sloppy youngster who indeed was followed with debt throughout my twenties! My motto as a teen was “I may be sloppy, but I’m creative”! I should have added “and in debt!”
Ms. Suze also says we can get a full financial spectrum of a possible candidate for love just by judging their clutter. Oy vey! Single ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take out the clutter radar hats, stick ’em on our heads and head for the nearest door when they start to ring a radar’s ding!
Good day and good sorting!

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