In Search of My Good Samaritan

So two nights ago, after taking a late night workout with my trainer, I run out of gas in my car while driving home. Luckily while the car was doing a “pump and stump along”, it had enough juice to let me squeeze into a side street. “GEEZ”, I say to myself, “how did I do this again!” Yes….I did the same thing about a month ago. You see, I had the luxury for four years to have a car that had a “dong” go off in the “ding of the thing” that says you are low on gas, and which told me exactly how many miles I had left before empty.
My new car, the Mini Cooper, doesn’t even ding or have a dong or at least I haven’t heard it (maybe I’m playing my music too loud!). The empty light thing-a-ma-jig is in the center of the dashboard and is hard to see. So, yes……twice, I’m driving along like a happy camper and BAM sizzle. Dead.
So, what’s a girl to do? Thinkin’ how it’s late and most friends are probably cuddled up in front of the tv makes me resistant to want to bother anyone. I do have the “road assistance” but they can take up to an hour or so and I’m parked on a weird curve where if a car turns in fast enough, there could be an accident. So….as I am sitting there, trying to contemplate what I should do as fast as I can, I decide that the gas station really isn’t very far away so I’ll get a coffee cup or something from the AM/PM part of the gas station, fill it up and hopefully that will work.
As I’m opening the door, a car with a man in it pulls up to the side of me. Without really being able to see this man too clearly (but can see he seems to have somewhat of a sex appeal from what I can tell), he asks me if I’m okay. I say I ran out of gas etc. but I’m okay and about to go get gas. I then think I hear him say “I have a gas can in the back, I’ll go get some gas and I’ll be right back”. I’m like, somewhat confused because I’m not really quite sure what he said, “oh, thanks” as he drives away somewhat speedily.
So, I get back in my car and I’m thinking, “is that what he said?” “Did he say something else because it was a bit of a mumble”. I could swear I think he did say what he said so I start pinchin’ my cheeks and putting on a touch of lipstick, afterall, he did seem a bit handsome and hey, ya never know!
So, about 5 minutes go by and starting to doubt again what I may have heard and I’m thinkin’ and “timing” how long would something like this take to do and why did he go straight and not to the left where the gas station is? Then I remember there is a gas station straight too. But why would he go there, it’s further away? Ya, know all those questions…….
So now, seven minutes go by. Hmmm? Should it take this long? Now I’m thinking maybe when I said I was alright, he said something more along the lines of “okay, just thought you might of needed help because I have a gas can, but since not, see ya”. Or maybe he is one of those angry men (sort of like my ex) and is laughing right now knowing I am waiting for him to come back with gas but has no intention to do so. Who knows in this day and age what people are capable of doing!!
So all these questions are going through my mind as each minute that seems to take longer than it should go by because it is now about 10 minutes later from when he first came by or at least that’s what it felt like.
So….I decide that I didn’t hear what I thought I heard and this person is not coming so….I begrudgingly start the hike up the hill to the gas station, all the while wondering how the hell I got myself again into this situation, again!
So, while I’m giving myself a break and walking up the hill, my cell phone starts to ring. It’s my trainer returning my call that I had made to him about a question I had just right before I broke down. He happens to have a client who didn’t show up AND a gas can and as the personality that he is (just a really good character of a guy), is more than willing to help a damsel in distress. Thank goodness! Even though I was close to the gas station by then, it was nice to have company, a man, accompany me and not be alone to do the rest of the endeavor.
So, we go through the motions of getting the $3.00 worth of gas or whatever it was that fit in the gas can and start driving back to the car to get it going again. As we turn the corner and approach the car, there under the street light, is another gas can sitting on the hood of my car. Just sitting there. I’m like, “oh my god”, it was that guy!”. I’m feeling a little weird because I didn’t want to take the thunder from my trainer for the good deed that he did but I couldn’t help to express gratitude and wonder toward this mystery guy and how maybe it could be one of those stories. Ya know, the stories when you’re at a dinner party and they ask how you met and all….”oh well, I ran out of gas and he just happen to have to make a turn on this desolete street and” etc. etc….”Oh, how romantic” I can hear the dinner guest saying…..
The only problem. I look under the can, on the can, almost in the can, in my car, on my car seat, on my window, on my tire, over my tire and……no note, no number, no nothin”. Well, there was the gas can filled with gas, but no #! No #? Who is this man? Where is this man?
Well, without further adew (spelling?), I had to come to the conclusion, since I could not learn of this man’s location, that he was just a good guy who left his $10.00 gas can filled with gas on the hood of my car not looking for anything back? Hmmmm. Now, I’m REALLY interested.
So, as of this writing, this mystery man remains a mystery. Doesn’t mean I have given up on the romantic notion that possibly this story is suppose to get better by some weird coincidence that I run into this person in another precarious situation that makes it a “meant to be” thing and which would make my dinner party story all that much better! LOL….Though I am a hopeless romantic, I am realistic too and know that what it was could be all that it was and no more than that. But….a girl can still dream once in a while about the possiblity of her Prince Charming (and a good dinner party story), can’t she?!!!
The moral of this blog I believe is, I realize that this man may remain a mystery but how lucky I was to have two good men in one night….my trainer and this mystery guy! If all that this night was suppose to tell me was that there are still some good men left in this world, then it did it’s job.

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