Kirkland (Seattle), Washington

Well, I think Seattle’s (to include surrounding towns considered “Seattle”) got me. Of course, driving from the town of Redmond to the town of Woodinville daily (via the back roads and still considered “Seattle”) on my way to my training days for my new position this week lent itself to a down home diverse drive with the farms, horses, wineries and storefronts that made the ride that much enjoyable. I can’t quite articulate it but I’m getting this feel of what I consider a perfect blend of a city; a country surburban feel with an urban mentality. Lots of outdoor activity and entreprenurial spirit. Simple living yet trendy and liveful. It’s rare not to see someone jogging or bicycling throughout even the less populated areas.

So, I’m invited to join an associate for dinner “on the water” in Kirkland (Seattle-ish) at the BluWater Bistro ( Directions from Redmond to Kirkland, simple and straightforward. Little did I know how arriving in the town of Kirkland would take any impression that I had of Seattle and soar it through the roof. Talk about perfect. A town that is small but bustling. Again, bicyclers, people walking and holding, what else, coffee. Trendy stores, hip restaurants and all surrounded by or on this huge lake. If you live in Kirkland, chances are your condo or apartment is on the water (how cool is that).

So, already in awe, I arrive at the BluWater Bistro. A bistro on the lake (see picture above) with views of docked boats, active boats, jet skiers and tonight, “the friday night group sailing party” (a group of sailboats that take onto the lake every friday night), a nice sight to see.

I look around to see if I can get a glimpse of Bill Gates who is known for frequenting this place and who lives on the other side of the lake but as I don’t see him, I move my eyes back to the conversation with my associate and the beautiful view we have from our window booth table.

If ever visiting the BluWater Bistro, I highly recommend the Flat Bread appetizer served with a variety of spreads to include cheese, tapenade, garlic ball and some other items that slip my mind at the moment. The tapenade is to die for as is the dipping oil that is first served with a plate of bread when you first sit down.

Upon leaving the bistro, take a walk along the waterfront. Chances are you will get a glimpse of an outdoor wedding or party taking place at what else, one of the hotels on the water outdoor space.

It was a great time in a great town.

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