Girls Gone Homework

It was a Girls Gone Homework night last night here in Seattle. A long day of training followed by wine, cheese & crackers, veggies and the like, loudness, laughter and of course….homework.

I was a little late to this “study group” as I was out with my Director at dinner getting the low-down on my new account and where we expect to be going with it in the upcoming months.

Dinner was held at a restaurant (the name escapes me at the moment) that is known as a low profile top steak house in the Redmond area of Seattle. This rating of a “top steak house” came from a blind taste test competition taken by some credible steak critics of the Washington area.

I started the dinner with a cocktail. My Apple Martini made it’s way to my table with just the right color fluidity of green. It could have used a splash or two more of Apple Pucker but nevertheless satisfied this woman’s need for a long overdue wet your whistle and say halleluyah kind of drink.

The house salad was to die for. The added wow was the candied almond or pecan (not quite sure which exactly it was as my attention to the wow pop of my taste buds was disrupted by the reality of my surroundings of the intent conversation of my future responsibilities and goals).

I chose the baked potato to accompany my T-bone steak. I’ve got to say, the potato was scrumptious and the steak was extremely tender. I learned that this was because the steak came from a special blend of corn feed that was fed to the cattle.

Of course, the steak was accompanied by a red wine (Cabernet Savignon) to further enhance the flavors of this delicious steak and in the vice versa, to further enhance the Cabernet when eating the steak.

Overall, the night was a blast. Bonding with some great associates that I look forward to working with in the future.

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