Miss Da Bellevue Dear?

“If you saw me yesterday, you might have thought you needed to call the White Coats….some younger  generations may not understand what that means but if you do, you are probably from New York City or one of the boroughs or maybe it was a saying around the nation back when I was a kid.

I became panicked about a situation that was supposed to have been resolved but in actuality became worse and in snap of a finger I suddenly found myself with an array of emotions that ran the gamut of fear, hurt, abandonment, anger, sadness and disbelief that expressed itself with extreme moments of panic.  I felt tossed into the lion cage.”

Okay, what the heck was going on here when I began (but didn’t finish) writing this blog above?…Holy canolli….Let’s see, I believe my draft is originally dated in March of ’09.  Hmmmmm……well I don’t remember off hand…I guess it goes to show that life is a series of ups and downs and…we get through things.  I’m here now, a year later, and can’t even remember what it was, although I’m sure if I thought about it hard enough it would come to me.  But let’s not go there shall we….!  Swell.

Holy shitawitz….I remember! I just noticed that the blog dashboard shows when you originally create these blogs and it wasn’t March ’09 it was August ’09 and I know exactly what it was.  Yep.  Uh, huh.  Yep.  It was rough but got through it and learned my lessons from it.  Or at least I think I have.  I guess time will tell…

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