You Can Ring My (Kettle) Bell..ell..ell. Ring My Kettle Bell.

I gotta tell ya….less is more sometimes.  I’m doing that Kettleworx workout and I am seeing and feeling a difference in a short time and you really only have to do it 25 minutes 3x a week which is managable for me and sets me up for success rather than burnout after a couple of days on some other exercise programs I tried.  I knew it was risky when I got sucked into the infomercial’s insistance of a transformed body in only six weeks!  Yipppee…you mean I could look good while it’s still only mid-July (would be six week mark), still summer?  Alrighty!   Sucker me in..!

So, just want to say….even though I am one of those ding-dongs (ring my bell!) who gets caught up in some of the hoopla of a passing infomercial on the tube, I really like my Kettlebell.  Dingalicious.

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